Rolling into the Romney area late at night
Fuzzy tow rig
Towing uphill offroad to the campsite
The turn into the camp spot outside Romney
It was hard to find this campsite, because it's behind someones house
Well there's your problem!
Awesome campsite where I stayed for a week or two
Beat up XL600 but running strong
Full motorcycle garage in the jeep!
WV forrest
Fresh wild blackberries
Beautiful countryside to tow through
Bye Romney
Towing at night isn't the best idea
Random nights at truck stops are always fun. They were having a Country Karaoke contest at this one.
Just pushed the bike back to camp 6 miles
Free riverside campground in St. Albans
Huge coal barge
Old VW kit car
Doing some work at the Library before going to Kentucky
Late night work in West Virginia
Bent tangs on the carb synchronizing arms
Servicing the XL600 shock linkage