About to run out of gas and lost. Realizing I'm not where I thought I was.
Thumbs up
Posing at the Northern entry to the Grand Canyon
shakedown run in rampart CO
1 mile into the ride and I got a flat tire
Leaving Denver, heading for Los Angeles.
There was a forest fire out here.
Fast riding through here.
Hauling Ass
Zipping along
This was probably a nice forrest at one point.
Regrouping after several hundred miles in a small Colorado town.
Awesome riding out here
Well this isn't framed very well
Too cold to camp. Hitting the hotel after a LOOONG day of riding.
Snow the next morning.
Rio Grande National Forrest
Rio Grande National Forrest
Stuck on pavement because of the snow
Beautiful day, but cold as sh*t
Fun in the snow
curvy road
Looking backwards while leaving Colorado
Overlooking New Mexico
Posing at the New Mexico border
Incredible sandwich as soon as I crossed into New Mexico
Sweet train
Terrible photo of nothing