Powerline trail riding
Trails ahead!
Bent and Broken frame on the XL600
Whoops - Busted up the XL600
Screwing around on the XL600
It may be old, but the XL600 is still a fantastic Dual Sport
1994 KTM 300exc
Evan's Mountain NH
Inspecting breaks and greasing bearings on the 16' Puritan camper
Nice looking races for being 30+ years old
Prepping the bearings for cross country travel
By the pool at home
Figuring out how to mount the bikes in the camper
Added in some wheel chocks and tie downs
Gearing up to head to the West Coast!
My 1994 KTM 300's.
They don't make them like they used to. Butterscotch FTW
Working on my rear suspension
Combining the Jeep XJ leaf packs with some from a GMC Sonoma
Realizing I have to take the leaf packs back off again
Gearing up bright and early in the AM
R60/5 and CB750F at the base of Mt. Washington
R60 /5 Anxious for the biggest mountain on the East Coast
Glamor shot of the Honda CB750F.
Up the Hill
Such Speed!
Awesome road. Lean into those corners!
Zoom zoom
My beloved BMW R60/5