Kate arriving at the campsite
Our first hike in Glacier National Park
Kate photographing the scenery. Her photos are far better than mine.
Great view on this day hike
Kate photoing
great place to stop
Bridge photo
Putting the bike to work while collecting firewood
I love this tent. Single pole non-free-standing Northface
Kate and I cruising down the highway
roadside stop
I wish I could take a decent photo
Long uphill runs with the bike fully loaded, along with Kate and I
The river runs through it
Going to the sun road
Looking for another camping site
Looking East from the summit of the Going to the Sun road
Kate checking out the lake
The lake
East side entrance to Glacier National Park
XS1100 resting by the lake
Cabin crashing
Ready for rain
I forget where this was
Waterfalls are everywhere
Trying to find a safe spot to cliff jump
Kate and the Waterfall
The American Northwest
Sweet Waterfall